• Elliott Richardson

3 reasons why you should train your sport coaches!

If you're an S&C coach working with teams and you're not running training sessions for your sport coaches, you're missing the boat! Here are 3 reasons why you should setup workout times for your coaches.

For the past few years, we've had dedicated gym times for our sport coaches, where I setup an hour long program that puts our coaches through our warmup system, power/core, full body strength and high intensity conditioning. We have anywhere from about half a dozen (the regulars) to a dozen (people who try it out). Although it's one more appointment for the day, it pays itself back 10 fold.

1. It benefits you and your training. I'm not very good at protecting my times, since I always want to provide value to our athletes and coaches. I also don't like working out super early or super late. But, by setting up my time with the coaches I have a commitment to serve others, while serving others. I'll still fit my major lifts (right now I'm doing 5-3-1), so I'll work those in while doing the accessory work from the coaches work, all while coaching up the coaches. If coaches are doing dumbbell bench, I'm doing bench press, if they're doing KB Swings, I'm cleaning, and when their doing pickups, I will trap bar deadlift (some of the coaches do as well!)

2. Breaking bread. Having a workout with your coaches is a great time to share ideas, create relationships, trust and form bonds. We've had some great discussions around the 'water cooler', come up with ideas about the direction of teams and the department, as well as vented once or twice about athletes, or our challenges. Often in less busy seasons, we'll go out for lunch after our workout.

3. Give them a different perspective on S&C. Often there are misconceptions about strength and conditioning (mostly centered around old school, meathead methods), in addition to the fact that most sport coaches don't actually go their teams training sessions. By having training sessions for your coaches, you can show them the quality of your coaching, how you regress, progress, vary programs (we have coaches from their 20's up to their 60's and they do variations of the same program). It also shows that some of these exercises aren't as scary as they seem, or think to be. For me it's a chance to show my knowledge, expertise and coaching style to other professionals.

If you're in a team setting, especially collegiate, I recommend you get this going asap!



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